Biletul 15 The young will always admire and contest the old

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Biletul 15 The young will always admire and contest the old

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15.Argue for and against the following statement: The young will always admire and contest the old. Use relevant arguments and examples to support your ideas.
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Re: Biletul 15 The young will always admire and contest the old

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Young generations have always found something to argue about: they aren't pleased with school, with their parents, or with the rules imposed by the community they live in. They always consider the rules they have to obbey to be too strict, and they don't want to understand that discipline and taking responsability for your actions means a better development of your personality.

Teenagers always contest what adults tell them to do. If father says you are not allowed to go out because you got a bad mark , you get upset and consider he is not right. But you don't understand that if you are not prived of some things you consider as usual in your life you won't understand the gravity of your acts.
This way you know that if you don't study hard you won't be allowed to go out with your friends
On the other hand you admire what your parents have obtained: a well-paid job, a nice car, a comfortable house and abose all the safety of their future. You want the same but you have to realise all the efforts they had to make to get everything they have now.

The young always try to catch the adults' attention and they do all kind of stupid things: smoking, drinking, skipping classes.They manage what they have in mind, but they also have to support the consequences: no money, no holidays, no fun.

If you make angry your parents or your teachers, you contest their authority, but you also get to suffer due to your actions.
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