Biletul 8 worry a lot today about tomorrow

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Biletul 8 worry a lot today about tomorrow

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8.Comment on the following statement: Many people worry a lot today about tomorrow because they didn’t worry a little yesterday about today. Use relevant arguments and examples to support your ideas.
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Re: Biletul 8 worry a lot today about tomorrow

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people tend to worry a lot about tomorrow because many of us live our lives in a wasteful manner, not caring for the future, spending too much money on having fun and not saving enough to ensure a comfortable living for the long example would be the person who is pampered by his family, and is used to having ":the world at his feet" and then moving out and living by himself and realizing that drastic change is needed in his lifestyle in order to live well in the long term. for example the person might need to learn how not to just buy needless stings on impulse, but instead setup a economy bank account for himself which he can invest in and grow each month.
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