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Biletul 4 Wisdom comes with age

MesajScris: Vin Apr 25, 2008 10:48 am
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4.Comment on the following statement: Wisdom comes with age. Use relevant arguments and examples to support your ideas.

Re: Biletul 4 Wisdom comes with age

MesajScris: Mie Iun 25, 2008 10:22 pm
de sergiulica
A study conducted by Dr. Florin Dolcos, assistant professor of psychiatry and neuroscience in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, identified brain patterns that help healthy older people regulate and control emotion better than their younger counterparts. The study identified two regions in the brain that showed increased activity when participants over the age of 60 were shown standardized pictures of emotionally challenging situations.
Previous studies have provided evidence that healthy older individuals have a positivity bias -- they can actually manage how much attention they give to negative situations so they're less upset by them," said Dr. Dolcos, a member of the Alberta Cognitive Neuroscience Group, which brings together researchers from the University of Alberta to explore how the brain works in human thought, including issues like perception, attention, learning, memory, language, decision-making, emotion and development.